Civil Practice

Attorney Analisa Parker
Attorney's first name: Analisa
Attorney's last name: Parker
Phone Number: (618) 412-1997
Counties Where Practicing: Alexander, Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Randolph, Saline, Union, Williamson
Attorney's first name: Christopher
Attorney's last name: Berghoff
Business Name: Berghoff & Berghoff
Phone Number: 312-855-1818
Attorney's first name: Anne
Attorney's last name: Burton
Business Name: Burton Law Office, LLC
Phone Number: (309) 837-1435
Counties Where Practicing: McDonough
Attorney Timothy Dorr
Attorney's first name: Timothy
Attorney's last name: Dorr
Business Name: Dorr Law
Phone Number: 847-807-5340
Counties Where Practicing: Cook County 1: Daley Center, Cook County 2: Skokie, Cook County 3: Rolling Meadows, DuPage, Lake, McHenry
Attorney's first name: Steve
Attorney's last name: Giacoletto
Business Name: Giacoletto Law Firm
Phone Number: 618-346-8841
Counties Where Practicing: Madison, St. Clair
Attorney's first name: Deborah
Attorney's last name: Hawkins
Business Name: Hawkins Law Office, PC
Phone Number: (618) 659-3900
Counties Where Practicing: Madison
Attorney's first name: Philip
Attorney's last name: Prossnitz
Phone Number: (815) 206-2969
Counties Where Practicing: McHenry
Attorney's first name: David
Attorney's last name: Nordwall
Phone Number: (312) 291-1660
Firm Website:
Counties Where Practicing: Cook
Attorney's first name: Garrett
Attorney's last name: Thomas
Areas of Practice: ,
Phone Number: (872) 256-1228
Counties Where Practicing: Cook
Attorney's first name: Hannah
Attorney's last name: Wince
Phone Number: (217) 832-3701
Attorney's first name: Jeffery
Attorney's last name: Hagen
Areas of Practice: , ,
Phone Number: (630) 333-8116
Counties Where Practicing: Cook
Attorney's first name: Jeffrey
Attorney's last name: Van Dyke
Phone Number: (630) 221-0001
Attorney's first name: Jonathan
Attorney's last name: Backman
Phone Number: (309) 820-7420
Counties Where Practicing: De Witt, Logan, McLean, Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford
Attorney's first name: Joyce
Attorney's last name: Wixson
Areas of Practice: , ,
Phone Number: (630) 789-1503
Attorney's first name: Mary Beth
Attorney's last name: Welch Collins
Phone Number: 618-662-5900