An attorney directory for Illinois-licensed solo practitioners

This growing directory lists attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Illinois courts and operate as solo practitioners. This site was built by a Sara Kubik, a family law solo practitioner who likes technology.

Illinois-licensed solo attorneys who qualify to be listed on this site should click on the “Create a Listing” button below. Your information will be reviewed and if we have any questions, we’ll email you. Further directions are available in this 10-minute video.

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updated 6/22/21

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Please fill out the form to submit your free listing. Listings on this site are only for Illinois licensed solo practitioners. You will need to have an online presence that is focused on your professional practice. It can be a website, a LinkedIn Page, or a Facebook page. But it must focus on your professional (versus personal) solo practice. If you don't have a law firm website, put your LinkedIn or Facebook web address in the "Website" field. Small firms and large firms will not be listed. If they submit listings they will be rejected. This website was created and is managed by Sara Kubik, a solo practitioner of Kubik Legal, an Illinois family law firm. To contact her, you can fill out this form or send an email to
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