About us

Solo-attorneys.com is a site that was created by Sara Kubik. Sara is a solo practitioner focusing on family law in Illinois. At the beginning of forming her own solo practice, Kubik Legal, she began exploring what attorney directories were available. And she was frustrated by what exists.

Some attorney directories didn’t list the attorney’s information in a way that was easy to find. Some just had TOO much content before you could find an attorney listing (we call that bloat).

Some of the attorney directory sites just did not work! You couldn’t see any attorneys listed on them!

Many of the attorney directories charged attorneys to be listed, or feature-listed. If an attorney works for a law firm, that law firm probably has a larger budget for paying for listings than a solo practitioner does.

There is a well known statistic that ~50% of all U.S. lawyers are either solo practitioners or work in “smalls” (small law firms).

But Sara didn’t find a “solo” directory, one that featured only solo practitioners. So she built one and continues to add to it.

The cost is free to be listed if you qualify as an Illinois licensed solo practitioner, have a publicly listed telephone and email, and have some type of online/web presence. Email Sara at info@solo-attorneys.com if you want to be considered for this site.

‘Cause the more we solos can find other solos, the better. The most common post Sara sees on attorney-only list servs are from one attorney asking for a referral to find another attorney.

Personal injury attorneys ask for the contact information of family law attorneys. Family law attorneys ask for bankruptcy attorneys’ info. Immigration attorneys are looking for family law attorneys. Etc.

Attorneys are looking for other attorneys because they have clients that need services in areas that they do not currently provide. Or in locations they do not serve. You get the picture, right? We refer clients to one another and, hopefully, this site becomes something where an attorney can quickly and easily find the contact information of another attorney.

No log-in required. No fee to access it. Quickly loading information. Plus, Sara is not selling you anything. She’s not asking you to pay to be listed on this site or pay for a higher ranking. It really is about remote networking and finding each other’s contact information easily. Remember the White Pages (the printed book)? That’s the inspiration behind solo-attorneys.com

Now for potential legal clients: do you know the benefits of working with a solo practitioner? They are many.

“When you work with me, you are only working with me! Not an assistant or a paralegal. So you won’t get double-billed. Some law firms bill the client when an attorney “reviews the file” and again when the paralegal “reviews the file”. Those costs are redundant and the client ends up paying for this redundancy! Also, when I talk to potential new clients, they are talking with an attorney. Not a non-attorney salesperson.” Attorney Sara Kubik

“With a solo practitioner, you have the advantage of dealing with the same person through the highs and lows of the case. Clients get consistency and accountability from the one person they choose to hire.” Attorney Sharanya Gururajan

For questions about this site or to suggest a change to an attorney listing, please email info@solo-attorneys.com